Newsletter 4: December 2016

Some good news.

We’ve finally updated the website to make it mobile friendly and searchable. Whilst people love the content of the site I’ve received numerous emails asking for these features, which I’m happy to say are now available. You can check it out here:

This is our last newsletter of 2016, and at this time of year many of us will be looking to the future and making our plans for 2017. Because of this I thought it would be a good time to point you to an article that looks at different ways of planning your initiatives, including:

  • A very fast way to plan a project

  • How to provide top-down guidance

  • How to plan to derisk a project

  • The use of scenario planning to make your plans more resilient

You can find the article here: The Importance of a Plan

Finally, I wish all of you a Happy Christmas and New Year, and look forward to catching up with you again in 2017.