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Political Awareness Skills

Political Awareness falls under the category of emotional intelligence (EI). As a leader, the higher up the ranks of an organization you progress, the bigger the range of stakeholders you will need to work with. Each of these stakeholders may have different goals, priorities, agendas, and personal style to your own. They may even have […]

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Program Management Primer

If you’re new to the program management game, or looking to become a program manager, I’d recommend reading the primer posts below. Afterwards, you’ll have enough knowledge to be dangerous so make sure you come back and read the more advanced articles: What is a Program? The Difference Between a Project and a Program What […]

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Program Management: Understanding Effort and Influence

In this article we’re going to look at program managers and the effort and influence they exert as the program they are responsible for is executed. Once we understand this, we’ll compare program managers against leaders and against project managers, observing any differences. Take a look at the effort and influence diagram below for a […]

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Customer Journey Programmes in Financial Services

Today’s post is by Eleanor Bell, manager of Michael Page’s Consultancy, Strategy & Change team who explains how professionals with proven customer journey improvement skills are in high demand and as banks and insurers look to engage customers to increase revenue and market share while also reducing cost.   Across the financial services sector the […]

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