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Dealing with Specialists

As a program manager I have to deal with many different specialists: marketers, lawyers, system architects, software developers, product managers etc. I come from a technical background so this really helps when dealing with software specialists as I find it easier to engage in discussion with them about technical ideas and issues. I guess you […]

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Managing your Boss

An important aspect of almost any job these days is managing your relationship with your boss. This is important if you want good performance evaluations, or are looking to step up to manage a bigger challenge. Of course, all bosses are like their reports to be adaptable, self confident, proactive, reliable, ambitious, and loyal. But […]

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Stakeholder Mapping and Communication

A key task for every Program Manager is the management of stakeholders. Engaging with the right people in the right way may be the difference between success and failure. When you are initiating any project or program and designing your communication plan, I find it a good idea to draw up a Stakeholder Map. Even […]

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How to Run a Meeting

These days office life is dominated by meetings. On many occasions my entire day is taken up from start to finish by meetings. I am sure I’m not the only one, and that this situation is familiar to many of you reading this. So it will come as no surprise that learning how to run […]

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