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The Johari Window Model

There are many tools available that enable you to get to know yourself better. Probably the best way is to have strong, open, and honest relationships with your colleagues so you all develop together. But having these kinds of relationships isn’t easy – it takes trust. The Johari Window is a tool which helps build […]

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Have you ever noticed that some people seem naturally able to give a great speech or presentation? It can sometimes seem as though these people, such as Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King,  have an innate natural ability to orate and sell their ideas. Maybe you’ve experienced a great speaker in action for yourself during […]

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Communication in Project Management

A key part of actively managing a project day-to-day is communication. In this article we’re going to look at formal communication in project management – how we communicate with stakeholders to ensure we successfully meet the communication needs of all stakeholders. Perception management is a very important part of project management. A good project manager will never […]

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