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Reverse Innovation

Reverse Innovation simply means developing products for emerging markets initially before later distributing those same products in the developed world. When a product is eventually distributed in developed markets the product may look radically different, but it is still essentially the same product. The main driver for reverse innovation is the difference in personal income […]

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SWOT Analysis: How to

SWOT analysis is a technique which can be used to aid strategic planning. Strategic Planning can be thought of as the process an organisation uses to define it’s strategy, that is, it’s future course. SWOT Defined SWOT Analysis is a technique we can use to understand the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats being faced in […]

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Management vs. Leadership

You will often hear the words leadership and management used interchangeably, however, leadership and management actually refer to separate concepts. The reason for this confusion is because leaders often need to have management skills, and managers often need to have leadership skills. Wikipedia defines leadership as the “process of social influence in which one person […]

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Programs in Context of the Organisation

Ever wondered how projects and programs sit within the business? Or how everyone within the program is linked to the organisation’s vision? Here is a very simple diagram which attempts to show programs sit within the context of the overall business, and how everyone within the a program should be actively working towards achieving the […]

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