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The Ultimate Guide to Project Management

Welcome to the EPM Ultimate Project Management Guide. In this guide we hope to get you successfully running your own projects in the quickest time possible. This guide is both a primer and a complete guide to managing projects. Ready? Let’s get stuck in… Who This Project Management Guide Is For? Maybe you’re trying to […]

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The DICE Framework

Want a simple yet objective way to measure the likely success of a project or change initiative? If you answered yes to that question then the DICE Framework, developed by the Boston Consulting Group, may be just what you need. In the past 50 years thousands of books have been written about change management. This […]

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Program Management: Understanding Effort and Influence

In this article we’re going to look at program managers and the effort and influence they exert as the program they are responsible for is executed. Once we understand this, we’ll compare program managers against leaders and against project managers, observing any differences. Take a look at the effort and influence diagram below for a […]

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The Project Communication Plan

If you want to ensure that your stakeholders feel loved and cared for during your project or program execution, you’re going to need a communication plan to ensure that communication to stakeholders occurs regularly and in an agreeable manner. Do not leave communication to chance. You should aim to create the communication plan as quickly […]

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