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Political Awareness Skills

Political Awareness falls under the category of emotional intelligence (EI). As a leader, the higher up the ranks of an organization you progress, the bigger the range of stakeholders you will need to work with. Each of these stakeholders may have different goals, priorities, agendas, and personal style to your own. They may even have […]

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Program Management Primer

If you’re new to the program management game, or looking to become a program manager, I’d recommend reading the primer posts below. Afterwards, you’ll have enough knowledge to be dangerous so make sure you come back and read the more advanced articles: What is a Program? The Difference Between a Project and a Program What […]

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The Change Equation

Need a handy way to focus your team or an individual on what needs to be done to make change happen? They you might want to consider The Change Equation, a simple yet powerful mechanism for understanding the drivers of change, developed by Richard Beckhard and David Gleicher. The model is shown below: Four factors […]

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What is the Long Tail?

Many businesses are adapting long tail strategies. Classic examples of Long Tail businesses include Amazon and Netflix. In addition to online retailers you will also find Long Tail businesses in micro finance and insurance to name just two industries. But what exactly is the Long Tail? The Long Tail refers to a statistical distribution that […]

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