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Belbin Team Roles

Have you ever been part of a team that seemed to gel without and forced effort? Perhaps you’ve been part of a team which despite everyone’s best efforts, somehow consistently failed to deliver? If you’re in a leadership position, would you find it useful to be able to increase your chances of putting together a […]

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Effective Meeting Guidelines: How to Run a Meeting

We’ve all experienced a bad meeting. One where people arrive after the official start time and the meeting starts 15 minutes later than planned. There is no clear agenda so the meeting meanders around various topics. The person with the authority to make a decision isn’t present. At the end of the meeting, it’s overrun […]

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The Johari Window Model

There are many tools available that enable you to get to know yourself better. Probably the best way is to have strong, open, and honest relationships with your colleagues so you all develop together. But having these kinds of relationships isn’t easy – it takes trust. The Johari Window is a tool which helps build […]

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Equity Theory – Keeping Employees Motivated

Everyone in the workplace is motivated by something. This motivation could be external in nature, such a money and status, or internal, such as a desire to do a good job. Leaders and managers have sought to understand theories of motivation and then test them in the workplace to increase the productivity and effectiveness of […]

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