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Corporate Life Cycle (Adizes)

Ichak Adizes, through his organization the Adizes Institute is best known for his work on the corporate life cycle. The life cycle provides us with a simple way to think about and understand the various stages a business can pass through, from inception through to ultimate cessation. In the Corporate Life Cycle model just a […]

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The Market Driven Organization

How can your organization become more of a market driven organization? In order to be market driven, companies must do more than update their strategy or sales and marketing departments, they must transform their entire business toward the ultimate goal of continually responding to the ever changing requirements of their customers. Achieve this and the […]

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Knowledge Retention Strategies

The speed of technological advancement is growing at an exponential rate (see Moore’s Law for how this relates to computer hardware). In addition to accelerating technological advancement and complexity, employees are increasingly mobile and staying in the employment of a single employer for less and less time. These two factors combined mean that knowledge management […]

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The Greiner Model

The Greiner Growth Model describes the different phases that organizations undergo as they grow in size. These phases are agnostic to organization type – they apply to all organizations in all industries. The model is essentially a tool organizations can use to understand the underlying reasons for problems a growing organization is likely to encounter. […]

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