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Jobs-to-be-Done Theory

When concepting and planning new products companies often begin by first examining their target customers. This is a good thing. However, when examining their customers, companies often start by segmenting them, for example, by age or address, and then targeting their new products suitably within these segments. This, according to Clay Christiansen, a professor of […]

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Customer Lifetime Value Example

We’ve defined customer lifetime value before, but this time we’re going to look at a very simple example that everyone should be able to relate to. If you’re a business owner or department head this may make you think differently about how you advertise or run your customer service operations. The example we’re going to […]

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The Marketing Wheel

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You have a great product but nobody wants to buy it. This is a common phenomenon for many small businesses and start-ups. The Marketing Wheel can help your marketing get on track by assisting you to make marketing investment in the right area. There is no one fixed definition […]

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The Market Driven Organization

How can your organization become more of a market driven organization? In order to be market driven, companies must do more than update their strategy or sales and marketing departments, they must transform their entire business toward the ultimate goal of continually responding to the ever changing requirements of their customers. Achieve this and the […]

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