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The Eisenhower Matrix

Do you often feel like you’re in firefighting mode, dealing with a constant stream of urgent issues? Or, do you feel like you’re spending too much time on the wrong tasks, so that whilst you’re getting a lot done you’re not really accomplishing anything of real significance? If either of these situations is familiar to […]

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Management By Wandering Around

Outside of scheduled meetings, how often do you speak to your manager? Similarly, outside of scheduled meetings how often do you speak individually with the members of your team? Do these interactions happen daily, weekly, or maybe only every now and again? One technique you can use to connect with your team and remain top-of-mind […]

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The McNamara Fallacy

The McNamara fallacy is named after Robert McNamara. McNamara was a very successful man. He graduated from Harvard with an MBA in 1939. Later he became the first president of the Ford Motor Company from outside the Ford family, and eventually found himself as the U.S. Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam war and the […]

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Giving Feedback

To understand how the process of giving feedback works let us use the analogy of how a self-guided torpedo operates. A self-guided torpedo has a target it is trying to hit, its goal. The torpedo has a propulsion mechanism to push it through the water. It also has sensors, such as sonar and radar, to […]

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