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Giving Feedback

To understand how the process of how giving feedback works let us use the analogy of how a self-guided torpedo operates. A self-guided torpedo has a target it is trying to hit, its goal. The torpedo has a propulsion mechanism to push it through the water. It also has sensors, such as sonar and radar, […]

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Motivation In Management

Why do we do what we do? Why do some of us work harder than others? What is it that causes one person to behave differently to another even though they both have the same job? Motivation in management is what pushes us to try and achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Motivation pushes […]

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Management Primer

If you’re a new manager, or looking to begin learning about management, then read these articles first: How to Run a Meeting Time Management for Managers Dealing with Specialists Management vs. Leadership Advanced Management Skills Once you’ve read the introductory articles above, take a look at some of my favourite management articles: How to be […]

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Job Candidate Score Card

One of the fundamental problems with interviewing multiple candidates for a particular role within an organization is that choosing between the different candidates is very subjective. The reason for this is that as humans we have many different psychological biases built in to how our brains work. A technique that I’ve found very useful to […]

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