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Emotional Intelligence

Even if you’re unfamiliar with emotional intelligence, at some point in your life you probably will have taken an intelligence quotient (IQ) test. An IQ test measures a person’s cognitive ability compared to the population at large. The average IQ is approximately 100. People with higher IQs tend to do better academically than those with lower […]

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Leadership Styles

Whilst there are many different leadership styles, everyone has a default leadership style that comes most naturally to them. Leadership styles determine how someone uses their power and authority to lead others. Your default leadership style then is the way you feel most comfortable leading others to achieve your vision. There are many different styles of […]

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Why Do We Need Leaders?

When you think about the question “Why do we need leaders?”, you may think that we need leaders because it helps us to organize organizations, for example, a country needs a head of state, an organization needs a CEO etc., but actually the need for leadership is much more natural and human than that. To […]

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Leadership Skills – What is Leadership?

Whilst most of us understand some of the key leadership skills required to be a leader, the question “What is a Leader?”, which at first seems like a simple question, can prove difficult to answer even for seasoned leaders. The Oxford English dictionary defines a leader as: “A PERSON WHO RULES, GUIDES, OR INSPIRES OTHERS” Other definitions […]

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