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What is Systems Thinking?

Systems thinking provides a way to understand how different factors influence each other within a whole. This type of problem cannot be easily understood by traditional reductionist or logical thinking. But what exactly is systems thinking? Giving a definition of systems thinking is difficult as it’s something that is best understood through experience. Let’s start […]

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The Business Model of Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison sites allow users to compare the prices of different products within a particular domain, for example, home and car insurance. Let’s examine the price comparison website business model in terms of the Business Model Canvas introduced in a previous article, by going through each of the 9 building blocks in turn. To keep […]

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Lean Startup and Program Management

I’ve just finished reading an excellent book by Eric Ries called The Lean Startup. You may be wondering already what running a startup has to do with program management? If you read on you will discover they actually have much in common… Ries defines a startup as follows: “A startup is a human institution designed […]

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Reverse Innovation

Reverse Innovation simply means developing products for emerging markets initially before later distributing those same products in the developed world. When a product is eventually distributed in developed markets the product may look radically different, but it is still essentially the same product. The main driver for reverse innovation is the difference in personal income […]

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