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Goal Setting: Outcome, Performance and Process Goals

The process of goal setting based on outcome, performance and process goals comes from the world of athletics, but is equally applicable to business and personal development. Whether you are an athlete or the CEO of a business, this article will give you the tools you need to start planning like an athlete. Why Should […]

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Business Case Template

If you’re working for someone else within an organization and you want approval to begin work on a new initiative (project or program) you’re going to need a business case. The business case highlights the reasons for undertaking the initiative. Within corporations they aim to produce the maximum return on investment (ROI), and within government […]

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Burn Down Chart Template

A burn down chart provides a graphical representation of the work left to perform plotted against time. They are most commonly used during Agile software development to burn down the work remaining in the current sprint. If you’re involved in Agile project management you’ve probably seen these before, if not, read on and we will […]

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Stakeholder Analysis Template

A stakeholder is simply anyone with an interest in your project or program. Stakeholder management is one of the most important aspects of program or project management. Get it right, and you are a long way towards having your project run smoothly – your relationship with your stakeholders will be strong, and they will be […]

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