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Communication Primer

If you’re new to management and learning about improving your communication skills for the first time then I’d recommend you begin your learning by reading these articles: How to Run a Meeting Use a RACI Matrix to Remove Communication Errors Advanced Communication Skills For the more seasoned manager or leader, here are some of my […]

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Advantages/Disadvantages of Open and Closed Questions

When you ask a good question you allow the possibility of a good answer, conversely bad questions will almost always lead to poor answers. Let’s take a brief look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of open and close questions, from the point of view of using them in your everyday work interactions, so that […]

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The Change Equation

Need a handy way to focus your team or an individual on what needs to be done to make change happen? They you might want to consider The Change Equation, a simple yet powerful mechanism for understanding the drivers of change, developed by Richard Beckhard and David Gleicher. The model is shown below: Four factors […]

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The Project Communication Plan

If you want to ensure that your stakeholders feel loved and cared for during your project or program execution, you’re going to need a communication plan to ensure that communication to stakeholders occurs regularly and in an agreeable manner. Do not leave communication to chance. You should aim to create the communication plan as quickly […]

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